Mobile App Development Why Agency Is Far Better Than Freelancer for Mobile App Development in Lebanon?

Mobile App Development Lebanon

Managing your business on the go has become crucially important these days and mobile application certainly give you an edge in aspects like customer engagement, branding & marketing, shouting lucrative offers and also for personalized marketing with a one-to-one approach.
In this digital world, the smartphone has outgrown from an ordinary communication device to a major point of attention. Hence, for a business, it opens a door to digital means of brand interaction. In a precise language, your organization will have better communication, a better reputation and reach far more audience. But how do you plan to step up? Obviously, you will choose either one of these two – a) mobile application development agency in Lebanon or b) freelancer.

Though the decision is entirely based on your business requirement and preference, but the agency has a far better advantage and yields you a better value than a freelancer; especially in a course where you have to design a feature-filled app and seek a long term association for optimal maintenance as per latest OS standard.

Why Businesses Prefer Agency Over Freelancer?

On one hand, where individual freelancers have cost-effective rates and are perfect for short term projects, they lack accountability and long-term work relationships. Freelancers usually have a flexible schedule and they might be unavailable if you urgently need them. In addition to this, a freelancer works for many clients simultaneously. So there’s no assurance whether your project will be on a priority basis or not. At this critical juncture, finding a replacement becomes a tiresome quest and you might even face tough days.

On the other hand, agencies are dedicated to handling complex tasks and perfectly suited for long-term association. In terms of accountability, there’ll be a dedicated project manager who will keep you updated with the overall work and will personally foresee that your goals will be realized. In addition to this, the agency works with a team of experts who are knowledgeable and experienced in their line of profession. Hence, you get the combined effort of many experts which eventually leads to better results.

Hiring an agency for mobile app development becomes the only viable solution if your project is complex and requires multiple work streams or phases to manage. The reason being said is because you need multiple specialists who can understand your project and can ensure the quality & professionalism you’ve paid for.

If you wish to launch an application that could make a tremendous difference, then you’ve got to invest your time on SYNC, which is a leading Mobile Application Development Agency in Lebanon. To see an example of our finest work, do stop by at

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