PPC Management - Google Ads (AdWords), Bing Ads

If you are looking to get fast return on investment in the Lebanese market you need to turn to pay per click marketing services in Lebanon. Sync is a pay per click marketing agency in Lebanon that offers full Fledge management for Google Ads (AdWords) and Bing Ads. Our Team is ready to help you transform your wasted ads budget spending into a profitable model.Why you should use PPC? Prospective customers search for the best answers on google, if you don’t exist you want be in their list of choices. Be on top of the list and get noticed by your potential clients.What to expect from our pay per click marketing services:

  • Our In-house management team will set up the most suitable strategy for you campaign after understanding all the aspects of your business like your objectives, your targeted audience and your sales goal.
  • Search Ads, these ads are displayed above search results in famous search engines
  • Display Ads, are mainly images or video ads that are display in the ads networks of each publisher
  • Remarketing is a strategy we use to reconnect to former website visitors that were interested by the services or products your offer.

Our Approach

The most popular and profitable form of online advertising is Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) which includes Google Ads (AdWords), Bings Ads, Yahoo Ads and much more, but these platforms are complex, always getting updates and time consuming. We have an experienced management in-house team that has the skills and knowledge to manage PPC advertising on your behalf.The team is also responsible for keeping you up-to-date by sending monthly reports that shows the work done on your PPC campaigns. Also the team is always ready to answer any questions regarding the campaign by phone or email.

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