Digital Marketing, Marketing, Social Media Marketing Social Media Targeting: Is It Important?

The main important points to always keep in mind while advertising is to define the audience we are targeting.

Always target your audience with a clear purpose, and develop the type of content that will achieve our purpose and interest our target audience.

Why (where) do brands struggle?

It is our duty as marketing experts to make sure that our clients’ brands are being promoted according to the latest standards. This is one of the main reasons why brands today are struggling with their marketing strategies. The strategies that were successful in 2018, were no longer applicable in 2019, and the same applies to 2020.

One of the main points that brands are currently struggling with is targeting. We often see brands that score a lot of progress very quickly and then suddenly stop at a certain point, then start to regress. This is usually due to the wrong targeting in their marketing strategy.

What usually happens is that brands test out different sets of target audiences until they find a successful group.

Once they do, they usually tend to stick to this group for a very long time without expanding their targeting to reach new audiences that could also be interested in their products.

This could also go wrong the other way around. For example, the targeting could be random and the promoted message could reach people that know nothing about it, which then leads to a waste of promoting budget.

On the other hand, some campaigns don’t even have a specified target audience. This lack of audience and objective clarity while launching campaigns often reach a very large audience without any fruitful return. Also, some brands even target very small audiences that don’t allow them to reach their goals and targets.

At the end of the day, we cannot deny the fact that marketing and advertising could be a hassle especially that everything is being updated by the hour. So why bother and waste your time and energy while you can leave it all to us to handle? Visit our website for more.

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