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General Info

Designing brilliance start with a plan.

  • Start by choosing a meaningful name to your App. The name will appear on the Store and in Windows OS.
  • Supply a detailed description about your App. Highlight the best of what you are offering and attract the world to download it.
  • Choose App language
  • Choose App category. If not the correct category is selected, the application won’t be accepted by the store.

Content Configuration

  • Specify the content that should be shown in the application
  • Specify text that should be shown in the about us section in the app

Theme Configuration

Customize the look and feel of your App

Layout and Theme


Text Only Layout

  • Background (1366 x 768+)
  • Title Image (300 x 80)
  • Default Article Image (252 x 168) (*)


Theme Settings

  • Background Color
  • Header Color
  • Item Overlay Color
  • Item Title Color
  • Item Subtitle Color


Logo and Live Tile

  • Logo (150 x 150) ) (*)

  • Small Logo (30 x 30)

  • Wide Logo (310 x 150) ) (*)

  • Live Tile:
    • Normal
    • Text

Splash Screen

  • Splash Screen (620 x 300)
  • Splash Background Color

Post & Page

  • Background Color
  • Text Color
  • External Link Color


Privacy Policy

A privacy policy page is required on your website to pass Microsoft Windows Store certification.

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