Web Development What Customers Really Hate About Your Website? Web Development in Lebanon

Web Development in Lebanon

As an experienced web design company in Lebanon, we know it’s going to be one out of two things. Either your website will be amazingly awesome or terribly bad. If you see your online business from a long-running perspective, then you must know the factors that clearly make a huge difference. Since the success of inbound marketing is absolutely reliant on not to annoy people, one must give emphasis to professional web development while designing your website. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

•    When Your Website Takes Forever To Load – It’s frustrating and users are really impatient when it comes to waiting for a website to load. Some aspirant businesses are not aware of the fact that 47% of users expect your website to load in two or three seconds, and 50% of users abandon a website that takes forever time to load. This not only slows down your conversion rate but also impacts the brand perception. Thus, if you want people to stick around your website, you have to work on your site load performance.

•    When Your Site Is Not Optimized For Mobile – In a digital world where 80% of the traffic is mobile traffic, not optimizing your website for mobile users is seen as a serious crime. Your prospects had to pinch-to-zoom to read the words or to navigate the button. Even the search engine give emphasis to mobile-friendliness in its latest algorithm update, hence its recommended to be one step ahead to delivering utmost browsing experience for mobile users.

•    Excessive pop-ups – So you think pop-up yields better engagement and sales, but using it excessively also disrupts the reading experience. If you are going to use pop-ups to seize the attention of spectators, we recommend you to use them moderately and not to bombard your visitors. Consider the pop-up as a smart and polite CTA button which you have to implement gently for a generous display.

•    Improper About Us page – An ‘About-Us’ section on your website gives a proper rundown on who you are, what you do and what you are willing to contribute. It becomes irrelevant when it fails to give a constructive introduction. Be careful with the words, phrases or sentences you choose. It mustn’t sound cliche and must be able to connect your audience in an intelligent way. The best example of a remarkable ‘about us’ page is when it properly highlights what your brand/company is.

•    Meaningless Sliders – Though slider is considered as a remarkable tool to entice the user with a lucrative offer, but to make it sound worthy you have to work on it in a good way. Things start to go in a haywire direction when your slider is not visually appealing or doesn’t have specific information to stand out. Hence, make sure that the sliders expound and promote your brand gently.

In a quest to develop a great-looking website, there are certain aspects that you might forget to include or install in general. In the midst of professional web development in Lebanon, you minimize your chance to make silly mistakes like not making your website mobile-friendly. To give yourself a well-thought consideration on site design, do stop by at

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