Mobile, News, technology Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Will Be the Godzilla of Smartphones

Size matters, especially when it comes to your phone size.

The newest version of the Samsung Galaxy Mega, simply called Galaxy Mega 2, will live up to its moniker, according to an FCC filing. The phone has a screen size of a massive 7 inches, approximately as long as an average pencil. This latest phone surpasses its Mega predecessor by 0.7 inches, making it the largest Android phone to date that we know of.

The FCC recently approved the new device. While it’s unknown if any wireless carriers will supply the new phone, Android Central speculates that Mega 2 will be contracted under AT&T, as other Samsung phones have been in the past. It’s uncertain whether the phone will be released in the United States or only in Asia.

Additionally, while the cost of the behemoth device has not been made available, the original Mega cost $499 without a contract. In comparison, Apple’s 16-gigabyte iPhone 5S weighs in at $649 sans contract.

Other features included in the new phone have not yet been released by Samsung.

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By Katie Nelson

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