IT How To Mirror a Website?

In this Tutorial we will Mirror a dynamic using  the right combination of service providers, public key ssh authentication, rsync, mysqldump, and DNS Failover switching.

What Will Happen and How?!
In this tutorial I am going to show you how to mirror a web server .

Our mirror web server will automatically backup all scripts, files, and databases on the production web server.

In addition, this tutorial will also describe how to setup DNS fail over switching that will monitor the status of the production server and automatically switch the DNS to point to the mirror server should the production server fail.

We Will Divide this tutorial into 5 parts for the sake of simplicity and organization:

1- Selection of the Hosting Provider or the requirement of your servers

2- Setting Up Keys and Authentication

3- Mirror Data Between Servers

4- Mirror MySQL Databases

5- Setup DNS Failover


Original Tutorial credits goes to Michael on Wenderhost

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