Featured, IT How to Fix Adobe Photoshop CS6 Freezing on Mac 10.8 When Using Font

Is Your Adobe Photoshop CS6  Freezing when working with the Type feature ?

The problem is with the the FontCache being broken;

To fix this we will be using the terminal on Your Mac using couple of commands, Follow this step by step tutorial:

pscs6A Fix Based on :

1- Make sure your type engine is set to middle eastern before doing that from Photoshop->Preferences->Type

2- Close any running instances of Photoshop

3- Open the Terminal

4- Enter the Following Command:
sudo atsutil databases –remove

and then:
sudo rm -r  ~/Library/Caches/Adobe/TypeSupport

5- Start Photoshop, if this Doesnt work go to Step 6:

6- if it doesn’t work for some people, you might have to also delete all non-system folder from /Library/Fonts by running this command a fix by iAhmed:

Enter the Following Command:
sud rm -r  /Library/Fonts/

Tadaa!!1 Photoshop Will Work Like a Sharm!!

If you Have Any Other Problem Post it Here so we can help You to Fix it!

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