Is privacy too complex for social media to handle alone?

Social media networks like Facebook aren’t completely fulfilling their privacy obligations to users, and that’s because the problem has grown beyond their control, according to NetIQ identity, security, and governance business manager Ian Yip and AVG security advisor Michael McKinnon. AVG recently released an application called PrivacyFix, which has the purpose of leading users through

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Apple’s iCloud Cracked!

Notorious Russian hacker Vladimir Katalov released findings showing Apple’s iCloud vulnerable to unauthorized download access, with iCloud data stored on Microsoft and Amazon servers. Lack of Two-factor authentication allows remote data download! Russian security researcher Vladimir Katalov analyzed Apple’s secretive iCloud and Find My Phone protocols to discover that neither are protected by two-factor authentication,

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Google Palestine Hacked!

Google has local domains for almost every country in the world. Just now some hackers from Palestine hacked into Google’s Palestine domain ( and defaced it. The message appearing on the defaced page says, “uncle google we say hi from Palestine to remember you that the country in google map not called Israel. Its called

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