Entrepreneurs Alternatives to Business Cards

From the comic

I’m now here to overturn the conventional sport of printing and passing around business cards when you are just starting out.

Now introducing the MVP of a business card: No business card!

  1. Everyone has a smart phone. If you meet someone interesting, do the green thing and take a photo his or her biz card. Email the person on the spot.
  2. If they don’t have a biz card, compose a blank email before you go your separate ways. Ask them to fill out the To: field. You should fill out the cc: field with your own email. The subject can say: “Nice to meet you today. Stay in touch.”
  3. If email isn’t your style, ensure you have the LinkedIn app on your phone. As you meet an interesting person, ask them if they are on LinkedIn and before you bid adieu send them a request as a contact.

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