News Alien Shift Our first Game Released

Sync is Proud to Announce that we have released our first Game to the world, the game is now available on android market and soon it will be released on iPhone and iPad

Alien Shift is a puzzle game with a simple user interface, and an addictive concept.

Using swipe gestures, you move blocks of colored squares to form groups of 3 or more squares of the same color. They will be removed giving you score.
Removing blocks in a row increases your bonus and gives you a higher score per round.

The game includes 3 game modes, and 3 difficulties. In addition to 27 challenges for you to pass to increase the global score multiplier.

In the timer mode, you start with 60 seconds, time bonuses will appear on the board, and the combo bonus will reset to 0 after a move with no combo.
In the blitz mode, you start with 90 seconds, time bonuses are not available, but the combo bonus never resets.
In the classic mode, there is no time limit, but you lose the game if you fill the board.

Download it Here

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